29.11.2019 The scientific-practical student conference organized by ACAPOL (Moldova)

The scientific-practical student conference

On November 29, 2019, within the “Ştefan cel Mare” Police Academy (ACAPOL) was held the student scientific-practical conference: “Use of drones in combating and preventing crime activity”, organized within the “Educational for eDrone” project supported by the EU Program Erasmus +, with the participation of the students of the Faculty of Law, Civil Security and Public Order III year of studies.

The students met to discuss the issue of drone application in law enforcement bodies. Also, to research the legislation in the field, to examine in all aspects the achievements of the technique in this field and to elaborate some conclusions and concrete proposals regarding the application of drones in the activity of combating and preventing crime.

Taking into account that, at the contemporary stage, the Republic of Moldova is on the path of independent political and social-economic development, this, undoubtedly, also entails making legislative and technological changes. In the context of these changes, it appears the need to approach and discuss the problems regarding the application of modern technologies (eDrone), in order to contribute to the discovery, investigation and prevention of crime.

The main objectives of the conference:

  • Regulation of the concept of pilotless aircraft (eDrone);
  • Revision of the essence, conditions, grounds and order of the drone application at international level;
  • Highlighting the role of the technical means in the activity of law enforcement bodies;
  • To exemplify the good international practices for the use of non-pilot aircraft in the activity of combating and preventing crime.

Students discussed issues related to police areas worldwide, where pilotless aircraft are applied, the consequences of drone application in the absence of legal regulations, including the possibilities of drone implementation in police activity: drone application when directing and monitoring road traffic, monitoring of the state border, drone application on researching, drone application monitoring mass disorders, drone application performing the reconstitution of the fact and experiment in criminal proceedings.


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