29.11.2017 Dissemination Event at ASUE

In-House Dissemination Event at ASUE

The In-House Dissemination Event of eDrone Project was held at ASUE Hall of International Projects, which was attended by Lana Karlova, coordinator of “Erasmus+” national office in Armenia, Armenian partners, Universities, organizations interested in production of drones, students. The event was conducted by ASUE Foreign Relations Division.

In her opening remarks, Lana Karlova touched upon the importance of the project, stressing that the drones are widely used, and then touched upon the geographical coverage of the eDrone project, the cooperation of the participating countries.

Vard Ghukasyan, Head of ASUE Foreign Relations Division, presented the goal of the project, namely the creation of a new educational environment aimed at expanding the capabilities of the technology of drones in its professional activities, and also spoke about the expected outcome.

It was noted that the majority of project partners are technical Universities, so ASUE has an important role: the activities of the University will be focused on providing marketing support.

Margarit Marukyan, senior specialist of ASUE Foreign Relations Division, reported on the conducted activities, in particular the activities of WP1 which is already completed, as well as presented the current activities and upcoming events. The need assessment activities in WP1 and WP2 have been summed up in reports. The report on regulatory needs has been published by ASUE and the participants of the event had an opportunity to have a copy of it. 

According to the agenda, reports were presented by Lilit Dadayan, Associate Professor of ASUE Chair of Marketing, PhD in Economics, and Hrachya Karapetyan from the Chair of Air Transport Exploitation and Management, NPUA.

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D6.3 Dissemination Event at ASUE 29.11.2017