22.02.2018 NPUA Airborne Robotics Research Center

NPUA Airborne Robotics Research Center was launched on 22 February 2018.

The newly opened educational center named after prominent scientist Arik
Melikyan, a foreign member of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia,
corresponding member of RF Academy of Sciences, which lays the groundwork
for implementing research activities and training highly qualified

The Center is called to enhance the quality of engineering education to
help promote professional orientation in prospective national
security-targeted subjects at the University and modern research programs
developed by students and young scientists from higher education

The Airborne Robotics Research Center is equipped with state-of-the-art
movement recording systems and support software provided by Vicon, the
world-renowned English company. A similar center is currently operational
at the corresponding unit of the University of Illinois, which is managed
by one of the world’s best specialists in the theory of adaptive
management, Armenian-born professor Naira Hovakimyan who has committed
herself to provide advice and support for the ANPU Airborne Robotics
Research Center.

The Center was created with the assistance of the President of the
Republic of Armenia, contributed by Motherland military-patriotic
foundation and co-financed by the Armenian Polytechnic University.

According to our preliminarily agreement as soon as eDrone equipment will
be installed in the Center we will highlight the eDrone financial support
near the entrance door.


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