Activity 3.7


The deployment will span 4 months. The workload that the attendees will be assigned will be quantified in ECTS. The educational components successfully completed will be included in the Transcript of Records attached to the Diploma Supplement. The course will be organized in 3 modules, comprising frontal lessons, e-learning lessons, home assignments, visits, team projects, intermediate evaluations and final exams. Frontal lessons, intermediate and final exams will take place at HEIs in MSU. The 24 attendees of CTT will also enjoy one-month internships at sites of the EU partners throughout the M12 – year2 month of program as part of their practical education in the application of specialized This experience will permit them to have a first-hand experience on design and implementation of systems for drones.

Each EU internship site will host 6 learners.


CTT Diplomas Signatures

CTT Deployment