Activity 8.1


This deliverable includes the organization of meetings among the eDrone partners. They will be delivered at 3rd (M3 - year1) (NPUA), 8th (M8 – year1) (ACAPOL) 20th (M8 – year2) (BSTU), 32nd (M8 – year3) (TSU) month.

During the meetings the progresses of project will be illustrated and the next steps addressed. The last consortium meeting will be held at the end of the OED CIA deployment: partners will schedule some hours of the meeting to address the final exam of the OED CIA program.

During the kickoff meeting the organizer have to prepare and deliver a book entitled “Who is Who” collecting for each project partner the description of the Organization, where it is located and the CVs of each attendee


Report on Kickoff and Consortium meetings