27-29.05.2020 Evaluation process of the Erasmus+ eDrone CIA courses in Moldova

Erasmus+ eDrone CIA national accreditation, 27-29.05.2020

We would like to inform you that the evaluation process of the Erasmus+ eDrone CIA courses in Moldova has been completed.

Today our Moldovan Colleagues received the evaluation visit document. In the document are mentioned all aspects of the CIA course development: organizational aspects, teaching process, recruitment of teachers, teachers' professionalization process, CIA course advertising, course content, ICT platform content, OED equipping, the recruitment process of the CIA participants, etc.

All the above mentioned issues have been assessed positively by the evaluation commission and in ten days they will send us the evaluation report with the assigned synopsis.

We hope that the work done by the entire eDrone team will be highly appreciated by the evaluation committee.

We would like to express our gratitude to all partners and NEO for their contribution and support and to congratulate with Moldovan colleagues for the achieved results.




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